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Modular Kitchen Components

  1. Base Unit
  2. Top Unit
  3. Tall Unit
  4. Pantry Unit
  5. Corner Unit
  6. Breakfast Counter
  7. HOB
  8. Chimney
  9. Sink
  10. Microwave
  11. Wicker Basket

Modular Kitchen Layout

Getting the layout right can make or break your overall kitchen experience.


Straight Kitchen

Straight one-wall kitchen layout features cabinets and appliances located against a single wall. For small homes, like studio apartments and lofts, the one-wall layout keeps everything within easy reach. Vertical space is most important in this kitchen layout.

Best for: Studio apartments and lofts

Parallel Kitchen

The Parallel layout is a lean and efficient option for small kitchens. Two walls facing each other characterize this kitchen layout.When working with parallel kitchen layout, consider keeping the work areas on one of the walls, not both.

Best for: Small/Medium kitchens and snug spaces

L Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen layout is streamlined and dynamic. It features units built on two sides of a corner and plenty of work surfaces.An L-shaped kitchen layout offers plenty of versatility. Larger kitchens can often fit an island, instantly transforming the space’s look and feel.

Best for: Medium to small kitchens, or open-space kitchens combined with the dining room

U Shaped Kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen layout wraps around three walls, defining the cooking zone and dividing the kitchen from the rest of the house.U-shaped kitchens provide plenty of storage space, allow for great workflow and let multiple users navigate the kitchen together.

Best for: Large kitchen spaces separate from the dining room and living room

Core Material that makes your Kitchen Durable!

Accessories that make your Kitchen Versatile!

Modular kitchen Storage Drawers

Wire Basket 

Wire baskets are usually made with Stainless Steel Wires, comes in different sizes as per uses e. cutlery, Plate,Grain, Etc .

Tandem Box

Tandem boxes are used in modular kitchens which have special sliding mechanism. Tandem boxes come in a variety of forms, shapes and sizes and they come in concealed form for metal drawers and openers

Invenzo Kitchens : Made With Love, Built for Life
Invenzo Kitchens : Made With Love, Built for Life

Corner Unit-Revolving tray 270/180

180°/270° Revolving Corner Unit, with two shelves, is great for L shaped corner storage under kitchen benches. Shelves rotate independently Shelves have a locator so they stop in the right spot for door closure.

Corner Unit-S Carousel

S carousel tray utilizes the hidden storage spaces of corners. With its elegant design and swift motion this comes with a water sealed base and a unique anti-skid textured bottom. All this with the super silent mechanism that closes softly.

Corner Unit-Magic Corner

Magic corners make great use of the available space in the kitchen. While they are great to increase storage space and provide access to items in the kitchen corners.

Pantry Unit

Kitchen pantry unit is ideal for pantry storage of 450mm & 600mm wide cabinets. Six baskets on the cabinet and six baskets on the shutter

Tall Unit

Tall Units are Simple-to-use slide-out storage full length space. Storage space can be accessed from two sides.Complete overview of the contents with just one opening

Handle Free Kitchen  

Choose From a wide range of Profile handles that will concealed with Shutter of your Dream Kitchen.

Glass Tray Plate Tray(GTPT)

Plate Organizer

Cutlery Insert

Invenzo Kitchens : Made With Love, Built for Life

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