About Us

We make your dream Kitchen; exactly the way you want it to be.

Welcome to Invenzo Kitchens!! At Invenzo Kitchens , our aim is to make your dream kitchen a reality, and to do this, we’ll take you on an effortless and enjoyable journey. From having an initial chat with us, you’ll be involved in expert planning and design every step of the way until you have your ideal, tailor-made kitchen that works for your space.

With amazing service and expertise from our first point of contact to the installation of your kitchen, you’ll soon be making unforgettable memories in the kitchen of your dreams.


We believe furniture should last a lifetime and change with your life. So whether you move, get married, have a baby or inherit your grand parent`s record collection, our innovative furniture is ready to evolve with you.

Modular Kitchen

Design your custom Kitchen as per your taste, get manufactured with CNC machine and Clutter free installation.

Home Furniture

Modular Home furniture i.e. Bed, Wardrobe, Shoe rack, TV Unit as per your space requirement and design.

Institutional Furniture

Customised School and office furniture just to match institutional Needs. 

Made with Love, Built for Life.

Project Inspirations

Popular Modular kitchens

One of the most economical types, a straight layout modular kitchen is the perfect option for those who have budget as well as space constraint. The kitchen is built along one wall with stove, sink and all other appliances being in the same line.

The L-shaped modular kitchen is the most popular type, especially for the households that have space constraint. As the name suggests, it consists of two countertops on adjacent walls the together make an “L” shape. 

A U- or C-shaped modular kitchen has workspace on three adjacent walls and one free end. This layout makes the maximum use of a kitchen’s walls and is best suited for large spaces. 

Have a requirement of custom modular furniture, thinking where to start, just leave a text or call us!